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How to Install: Soft Glass for Cell Phones

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Things to do before you start:

  • Install MilitaryShield before bedtime to allow for drying overnight

  • Turn off device and remove battery only if possible

  • Use microfiber cloth to clean your screen

  • Wash your hands with soap and dry

  • Install in clean, dust-free environment

Some Quick Tips:

  • Ensure screen protector lays completely flat on the screen. Hold it up against the light to see if you've pushed out all large air bubbles.

  • Any bubbles or streaks you see after initial application is normal! They should disappear within 12-72 hours.

  • WARNING: Please don't use excessive liquid or excessive heat as it may cause damage to your device, as we are not responsible for the outcome caused by it. As liquid damage could cause corrosion and heat damage can caused the device to malfunction.


  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly to remove all oils and dirt.

  2. Please set your phone on the provided non-slip pad.

  3. Clean the phone screen thoroughly with theprovided cleaning kit.

  4. Place the applicator directly on top of your phone screen. Note the TOP and DOWN indicators.

  5. Remove all the surface dust with the anti-dust stickers provided in your kit.

  6. Peel off the protective layer found on the adhesive side.

  7. Affix the three holes at one end of the film on the three posts of the applicator tool, and then affix the other (TOP) side.

  8. Using the squeegee tool, and starting from the three holes side (bottom to top), gradually push any existing bubbles on the phone screen toward the edges of the screen until they disappear.

  9. Make sure you have removed all the bubbles before you attempt to peel off the protective film.

  10. Remove the applicator device from your phone.

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