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How to Install: Tpu Material for Cell Phone

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Things to do before you start:

  • Install MilitaryShield before bedtime to allow for drying overnight

  • Turn off device and remove battery only if possible

  • Use microfiber cloth to clean your screen

  • Wash your hands with soap and dry

  • Install in clean, dust-free environment

Some Quick Tips:

  • Ensure screen protector lays completely flat on the screen. Hold it up against the light to see if you've pushed out all large air bubbles.

  • Any bubbles or streaks you see after initial application is normal! They should disappear within 12-72 hours.

  • WARNING: Please don't use excessive liquid or excessive heat as it may cause damage to your device, as we are not responsible for the outcome caused by it. As liquid damage could cause corrosion and heat damage can caused the device to malfunction.


  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly to remove oils and dirt.

  2. Please set your phone on the provided non-slip pad.

  3. Using the cleaning tools provided in the cleaning kit, thoroughly clean your phone screen.

  4. Insert the easy-installation tool into the charging port of your mobile phone.

  5. Gently remove the protective film marked "1."

  6. Clamp the three holes at one end of the film onto the easyinstallation tool.

  7. Align the other end of the film with the camera, and then use the squeegee tool to gently scratch along the dotted line in order to affix the protective film onto the phone screen.

  8. Place the squeegee tool on the dotted line furthest away from the camera, and then gently lift the film marked "2."

  9. While pushing in that direction with the squeegee tool, remove the excess coating material from the underside of the protective film allowing the protective film to now adhere to the screen.

  10. Lift one end of the film, and remove the easyinstallation tool.

  11. Now align the squeegee tool with the dotted line nearest the camera, lift one side of the film and then press downward to remove the excess material from the underside of the protective allowing the protective film to now adhere to the screen.

  12. Now that the protective film is in place, gently press the squeegee tool along the edges to ensure that the protective film is firmly secured to your mobile phone screen. Repeat five or six times if needed.

  13. Remove the protective film slightly, and then check along the edges of your phone. If there is any place that does not appear to be firmly attached, please continue to repeatedly press down on that area until it successfully adheres.

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